West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson has backed a parliamentary motion calling on the Government to bring forward legislation for the installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) in UK slaughterhouses.
Animal rights group Animal Aid is leading the campaign in favour of cameras after carrying out an undercover investigation inside UK slaughterhouses.
The pressure group recently obtained footage of animals being beaten and burned with cigarettes, as well as other animals being improperly stunned and treated badly.
Some were picked up by their fleeces and ears and thrown into stunning pens, while there was also evidence of animals being electrocuted.
Mr Watson said: "I believe the introduction of compulsory CCTV in UK slaughterhouses will increase animal protection and allow those caught on film breaking the law to be prosecuted."
He added: "A number of supermarkets are already insisting on CCTV in their slaughterhouse suppliers and it is supported by the Food Standards Agency. I hope the Government will consider a change to the law."


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