National Campaign Day Against Tax Credit Cuts


We were out today with our MP and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson MP, on West Bromwich High Street encouraging people to sign the Labour Party's petition against the unfair tax credits cuts proposed by the Tory Government.

3 million working families will be on average £1,300 worse off because of these cuts and in West Bromwich East, 65% of families receive tax credits. That's 8,000 families, 6,100 of whom are in work and 10,000 children just in our area who will suffer directly as a result of these changes.

Tax credits are designed to ensure that work pays. Cutting them undermines the value of work, and means penalising those who work hard day after day just to get by and make ends meet. The Government should not be hitting hardworking families.

Labour is calling on David Cameron to stop the tax credit cut. We need to balance the books, but the way to do that is not to hit the wallets of working families.

Please sign our petition at


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National Campaign Day Against Tax Credit Cuts on West Bromwich High Street today.
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